The stargazing puzzle Alula gets a whole new look as it approaches release for iOS

Miracle Tea’s upcoming puzzle, Alula, is receiving a fresh lick of paint, as the indie developer has just announced a dramatic overhaul of the game before it comes out on iOS. There will be brand new behavioral changes to the game’s puzzle editor and a major update to its visual assets, providing an even richer gaming experience.

Alula is expected to be released in 2022 and is a title we have been looking forward to since it was named the winner at our Digital Big Indie Pitch # 4 event. Described as a stargazing gardening about what it means to be alone in the universe, in Alula you will find yourself stranded on a desert island: standing under a soothing purple sky, filled with a cluster of stars. You will have to learn to cultivate your new habitat while adapting to a life of isolation. Don’t worry, because you will not be completely alone – towards the coast you will find bottles of messages that allow you to connect with other players.

Among the many commendable features that impressed our Indie Pitch judges was Alula’s puzzle mechanics, which are introduced by your interaction with the sky above. The stars in the sky provide spawning-mating puzzles that you must solve to receive the special seeds required to cultivate your very own island home.

If you’re eager to learn more about the game, you can check out Alula’s progress via the game’s official website and Twitter page.

Although no updates have been released so far regarding the release date, we expect it to launch around the middle of next year for iOS and Steam.

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