Thetan Arena – Best skills for your heroes

Thetan Arena is a mobile MOBA where you can play to earn cryptocurrencies. It was released last month and has become quite popular since. If you are an avid gamer and looking for Thetan Arena’s best skills for your heroes, then you are in the right place. Here’s a guide to picking up the best skills for your heroes in Thetan Arena to have the edge over your enemies in battle.

Skill # 1 – Burrow

Burrow is a hidden gem. It can be used to go underground and pop up right next to the target. It can also be used to run away from fights. It’s a great skill, especially for solo Battle Royale mode. It’s not the best in team matches, but still performs decently.

Burrow skill icon

Skill # 2 – Rocket Blunger

If you love melee or heroes who do well up close, then Rocket Plunger is for you. It’s probably the best skill for aggressive players. You can hide in bushes, pull your enemy towards you and take them down quickly with your burst attacks.

Skill # 3 – Black hole

Black Hole can be a deadly skill if used in conjunction with an offensive. This skill creates an intense circle of gravity that pulls all targets towards its center. At the same time, it also numbs and damages the enemy. When enemies are stunned, you can use an offensive skill to inflict massive damage on all enemies at once. But keep in mind that Black Hole only does well in team modes like Death Match and Superstar. It’s pretty much useless in Battle Royale, where you play alone.

Skill # 4 – Super Rocket

If you can aim right, Super Rocket is an overpowered skill. It is a heavy weapon that can attack through walls. It has a crazy range and causes massive damage to the target and enemies nearby when it explodes. Super Rocket is an excellent skill for team matches as well as battle royale, but it all depends on your goal.

Thetan Arena skills

Skill # 5 – Flamethrower

Flamethrower is probably the best skill in Thetan Arena that you can equip for team matches. It is capable of disbanding an entire opposition team. But the skill needs to be used properly. It seems a little strange. It only hits enemies directly in the firing line. Therefore, if enemies are smart, they can just hug you and be saved from any damage. You may need some time to master this skill, but the results will be insane once you do.

Thetan Arena is available on both Android and iOS. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

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