This extended look at Pokemon Legends: Arceus provides additional gameplay details about craft, combat, more

This Pokemon Legends: Arceus the video starts by showing the lovely fields and meadows on Hisui, which in time will become known as the Sinnoh region, before diving into some gameplay details.

After showing some pieces of the region, it then goes into how you will collect raw materials for use in crafts. Handicrafts include lures, healing elixirs, smoke bombs and the making of the “mysterious” invention known as a PokeBall. Your Pokemon team can also help you collect these materials, but the majority can be found by cracking rocks, picking up plants, and defeating or capturing Pokemon in the wild.

After the craft segment, the video shifts to focus on Pokemon you can catch in the wild. There will be lots of creatures and the weather conditions and time of day will determine which ones are hanging around. Different species also have different temperaments. Some like Bidoff will ignore you as you approach, while others like Starly are more quirky and will run away.

Some Pokemon, like Shinx, are aggressive and will attack. If you fail to catch an aggressive Pokemon on your first try, it becomes more alert and any PokeBall you throw at it will be deflected. So to catch a Pokemon in this mode, you will have to fight against it. Some aggressive Pokemon will cause damage to you and if enough damage is done you will blackout and lose some of your items.

In the game you will be part of the Survey Corps, which is on a mission to catalog and investigate all the Pokemon that live in the region. Not only will you have to catch all types of Pokémon, but you must also observe them using certain movements or exhibiting certain behaviors. When you are done in the field, you will go to Professor Laventon to submit your research report, which will then update your Pokedex as well as increase your rank in the group. You will also receive funding from Professor Laventon, which can be used to purchase more materials and items to help you with your research.

Because the region is so large, it would be difficult to cross it on foot constantly. This is where special Pokemon come in. These creatures will help you get to where you are going. Wyrdeer, which is a white and fluffy version of Stantler, will help you navigate the land faster. Then there is the regional version of Braviary that helps you travel through the sky. The regional version of Basculin, Basculegion, will take you across rivers and oceans.

There is also Jubilife Village, which serves as a center for the Galaxy Expedition team. This is a group of people who study and live in the Hisui region. There are various corps in the village and this area will be your central hub for your survey missions. After receiving a mission or mission and then preparing for it, you will leave the village to explore one of the different areas of the region. After your investigation mission, you will return to the village and again prepare for another task. The village also has your very own space and there are various services available such as blacksmith, craft and a trading post where you can exchange Pokemon with others.

The video goes on to outline how the various missions and requests work, shows a segment on fighting Pokemon, provides an overview of customization, and introduces Noble Pokemon such as Kleavor, the lord of the forest.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released on January 28th for Switch.

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