Thoughts on Kelvin Joseph’s first start?

I can not remember seeing an offseason where we have added near the number of high impact free agents or draft picks. Do you? – COLLIN CLARK / PLANO, TX

David: Not in my time covering the team, not even close. It’s incredible to think of how many great contributors have just come here this spring, from Micah Parsons and Osa Odighizuwa to Jayron Kearse and Damontae Kazee. It feels like every decision the Cowboys made in the build-up to 2021 has worked for them. Based on their track record, I think it would be a mistake to assume that they can repeat this kind of success every year. But kudos to them for having a plan and carrying it out almost flawlessly.

Nick: I’m sure there have been some years where we’ve seen a lot of new players have instant success, but this one feels different. For me, the most impressive part is that the scouting department created such a chemistry with Dan Quinn on the defensive in just one season. Usually it takes some time for everyone to get a good understanding of what the other person wants, but in this case, it seems that they knew exactly what they were looking for and it succeeds. The best example of this is Jayron Kearse because Quinn had a defined role for him and he has become one of the best free agents we have seen in many years.

Kelvin Joseph seemed to be taking advantage of his opportunity on Sunday night. What did you think of his performance against Washington? – MARK M. / WICHITA, KS

David: If Kelvin had managed to get away with that tapping on the bubbled passport, I think we would have talked about him as one of the night’s two or three biggest stars. Even still, he looked really solid. Two pass-breaks and a tackle for loss is a hell of an evening – especially for a rookie who did not find out he started until late last week. Another draft from 2021 that seems to hit the ground running.

Nick: kudos, I thought he did a good job for his first fight. Clearly, he left an interception out there and he was not playing against a top offense. But considering he traveled from side to side, Joseph had an impressive first fight. I liked the confidence he played with after missing many games this year. He seems like someone who could be ready to compete for playing time next year.

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