Tom Berenger stars in a new Most Dangerous Game remake

Tom Berenger (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images), Chris

Tom Berenger (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images), Chris “CT” Tamburello (Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV)
Image: The AV club

Tom Berenger’s performance in Start didn’t cause any Berengerssance, but maybe it was just a delayed impact: He’s now starring in a new adaptation of Richard Connell’s The most dangerous game with Chris “CT” Tamburello, who you may know from… MTVs The challenge and a 2019 horror movie called habit (his only movie other than this one). Before you ask why this is happening, let’s save you some time and say we don’t know. We are just as surprised as you.

However, we do have a theory. This news comes from Deadline, who says it will be a remake of the 1932 Most Dangerous Game movie, but we think it’s more likely that it’s just an adaptation of the original story. That’s because it was first published in necklace’s magazine in 1924, meaning it – as of 2020 – is now in the public domain. In other words, anyone can do whatever they want with it The most dangerous game now, just like with The Great Gatsby.

Nice is not it? This film is currently in production and was written and directed by Justin Lee, who previously directed Last Murder with Danny Trejo, Billy Zane and… Dr. Drew Pinsky. The story, if you’ve never heard of it The most dangerous game, is about people who are shipwrecked on a mysterious island owned by a man who likes to hunt people for sport. In some versions he’s just a weird guy, in other versions he’s a Nazi.

Tom Berenger plays someone who has been hiding on the island but is now “about to collapse”, so that seems cool. Deadline doesn’t say who Chris “CT” Tamburello will play, but hopefully he will have a major lead. Otherwise what’s the point of saying, “Tom Berenger and a guy from MTV are doing a remake?” The most dangerous game?”


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