Tom Hannifan reveals why WWE commentators don’t wear costumes

You don’t see announcers in RAW or Slap wear costumes for Halloween or other festivities and former WWE announcer Tom Hannifan says there’s a reason behind it.

“Obviously announcers don’t really wear costumes, at least predominantly in WWE,” Hannifan commented on talk and buy. “NXT, they either get away with it or they get away with it, but when I was there, it was Byron Saxton who ruined the outfits like costumes on Christmas and Halloween, for all the announcers.”

Tom Hannifan said that a specific incident involving Saxton led to announcers being ordered to stop wearing costumes. It was during an episode of RAW on October 31, 2016.

“It was (Michael) Cole, (Corey) Graves and Byron,” Hannifan recalled. “Graves wore the ‘David S. Pumpkin’ suit. If you remember that (saturday night live) sketch? He used it for like a week, two weeks after the sketch aired, so it was very timely. And, of course, he shook it.

“Byron wore a romper,” Hannifan continued. “Like, a bright, light blue duck bodysuit with footsies. So, he’s sitting there and (during) those cameras you can see everything, you can see his feet because they’re sitting on the chairs and everything to the point that it was after that, the edict was that no more costumes for announcers. Any! Ruined all the fun for us.

Tom Hannifan worked on the air under the name Tom Phillips in WWE. He was released last year after nine years with the company.

Hannifan returned to professional wrestling as part of the Impact Wrestling commentary team on the final Saturday night. Hard to kill Pay to see. He said that he is enjoying his new job so far.

“I’m really enjoying it,” Hannifan said. “And everything I’ve been told about Impact is true! Everyone is cool as hell. Everyone is relaxed. It’s fun. That was a hit show. It’s been a beautiful moment.”

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