Tower must survive! is an upcoming action Tower Defense game that is now open for pre-registration

Tower Must Survive is a brand new action tower defense game that claims to be different from traditional tower defense titles. In addition to deploying defensive towers to stop a menacing orc army, players will also be able to personally control their heroes, resulting in a more exciting and involved gaming experience. The developers have also promised that the game will be filled with brand new strategies and gameplay elements.

Game features

Tower Must Survive will offer players a variety of towers with different features and effects that can be used to directly cause damage to enemies or block their path. Defensive towers can be placed freely without card restrictions, allowing users to play to their strategic advantages. A wealth of satisfying skills will also be available for players to challenge the endless army of orcs.

Other notable features of the game include the presence of a one-handed control mechanism and a host of upgrade training elements that can be used on heroes or defense towers.


Closing words

In addition to the unique feature of directly controlling heroes, Tower Must Survive also seems to deliver in various ways to make it an exciting choice for gamers.

The various features and effects for towers, along with the ability to place them without restrictions, are an excellent example of the gameplay’s unique flexibility, which results in players having so many more choices and freedom to make different decisions, and that’s with to elevate overall experience.

Giving players such a great degree of freedom and designing a one-handed control scheme makes this game simpler and gives players a fast-flowing experience. The availability of multi-category upgrades is also a great addition that makes the game rich from a customization point of view.

Tower Must Survive is available for pre-registration for Android users on Google Play and the App Store for iOS users.

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