“Trained hard with throwdown specialists, took a lot of pain,” says Rohit Sharma about his preparation before England’s test series

The improvement that Rohit Sharma showed in his test match with batting on the England tour was not only remarkable but also surprising to everyone because it was probably the first overseas tour of his career where the Indian opener looked comfortable under extremely difficult relationship.

Indian journalist Boria Majumdar recently had a chat with Rohit Sharma, where he asked him what he did differently before the test series against England, which helped him make such extraordinary returns while facing the new ball.

Rohit said one of the most important things before the start of the series was that the Indian players had a lot of time to prepare. They had reached England early for the World Test Championship (WTC) final, and after the end of the WTC they had more than 20 days available to get their preparation for England’s Test series ready.

According to Rohit, he worked a lot with India’s drop specialists during the gap between the WTC final and the start of the England series, and it was because of that preparation that he was on the ball right away when the series got underway.

India’s throwdown specialists bowl in different lengths: Rohit Sharma

Rohit revealed that India has three throwing specialists in addition to the stroke coach Vikram Rathour who also gives the players throws during the training sessions and all the throwing specialists throw different lengths and angles.

India’s regular throwdown specialist Raghu bowls a slightly fuller length, while another throwdown specialist named Daya, who India has recently recruited, bowls back to a length. The Indian camp has also got a Sri Lankan throwdown specialist named Nuwan, who is a left-winger and brings a different angle into play.

Rohit said he made small changes to his back lift and other things, and since he was not used to beating that way, he had to carry a lot of pain in his wrists while training with the changes he had made, but he knew if he was going to play that way in the game, he had to prepare first in training.

The test series between India and England is still not over as the 5th test match takes place next year, but the series is currently 2-1 in favor of India and one of the main reasons behind it is the kind of gravel and determination Rohit shown at the top in the order.

The other Indian batsmen, including Rohit’s opening partner KL Rahul, were also decent and at times magnificent, but Rohit was stand-out.

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