Trans football star Kumi Yokoyama introduces girlfriend on the field



Kumi Yokoyama took a huge win at the stadium where they play for the National Women’s Soccer League Washington Spirit team, but their win had nothing to do with the game. Instead, the transgender soccer star proposed to their friend Nami on a bent knee, who accepted the proposal!

The sweet moment went viral on social media and congratulations poured in for the 28-year-old attacker who came out publicly as transgender last June.

“She said yes’!” Yokoyama gushed on Twitter, posting photos of their romantic proposal on the field that took place at DC’s Audi Field.

The Washington Spirit quickly responded to the couple with a tweet of congratulations.

“Here’s something to make you laugh!” the team shared with fans.

And the NWSL also repeated their best wishes.

Together with the Canadian soccer star and from100 Honoree Quinn, Yokoyama is one of only two trans players in the NWSL. The Tokyo native came out publicly last June in a YouTube interview with Japanese women’s soccer star Yuki Nagasato.

Along with fellow athlete Carl Nassib, they were even congratulated by President Joe Biden on Twitter after coming out publicly.

“I am now open to my sexuality and gender,” Yokoyama revealed in the video. “In the future, after I stop playing football at this level, I want to live like a man.”

In the video, they also opened up about the difficulty of living as a closed trans man in the culturally isolated Japanese society.

“I’ve dated several women over the years, but I had to stay in the closet in Japan because there’s the public eye, and I can’t allow myself to come out in my position,” they explained. them out.

But that all changed when Yokoyama traveled to the US and Europe to compete. They were encouraged by the casual affirmation of LGBTQ+ people and relationships by their fellow athletes and new friends, a stark contrast to their life in Japan.

“In Japan I was always asked if I had a boyfriend. But here and in Germany I am asked if I have a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Part of the problem, they said, was a lack of visibility and understanding.

“I think there are people” [in Japan] who don’t understand it, but it’s not prejudice and racism,” they said. “It’s just that they don’t understand.”

Congratulations to the happy couple! Best wishes for a long and happy life together!

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