Twitter reacts to strange comments from Alex Rodriguez during the Red Sox and American League Yankees wild card game

When Alex Rodriguez provided baseball analysis in the ESPN studio, he received praise for his vision as a former star of the game.

His performance as a commentator of color has earned him, say, less praise.

All ears were on him again Tuesday during the Red Sox’s 6-2 win against the Yankees in the American League wild card game on ESPN’s main telecast. Most of those who heard him did not praise his work.

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A-Rod’s comments saw many claim that they switched their televisions to Statcast Broadcast on ESPN2 rather than watching it on the main network. So what was he saying? Well, of course, it took a few shots at the new wave of baseball analysis, particularly at exit velocity:

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Even as the Yankees’ lineup was being dismantled, he made sure everyone knew his old team couldn’t be played with. According to Fangraphs, the Yankees’ 101 wRC + regular season ranked them seventh in the American League, a single tick above the league average.

He also thought about what makes a baseball player, well, a baseball player.

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He also prepared Red Sox spectators who are ready for their showdown with the ALDS against the Rays.

He also told Yankees fans not to worry, as Gerrit Cole’s second season in the Bronx will be much better than his first. (Spoiler alert, it just finished its second season in New York.)

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