Ubisoft appoints new creative director for Rainbow Six Siege

Alexander Karpazis replaces Leroy Athanassoff, as the latter pursues “other options at Ubisoft”

Ubisoft has appointed a new creative director for Rainbow Six Siege.

Alexander Karpazis, who previously worked as art director on the title, has taken over the role following the departure of Leroy Athanassoff.

In a blog post explaining the move, Athanassoff said he is leaving the role “for personal reasons” and that he will pursue “other options at Ubisoft.”

Karpazis has been working on Rainbow Six Siege since 2017, having joined Ubisoft back in 2011. He has previously worked on e.g. Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Watch Dogs 2.

He mentioned that Athanassoff’s work will still be visible in the upcoming Siege seasons as the team prepares for “one of the most ambitious years in Siege’s history.”

PC Gamer reported that this is the third time in six years that Rainbow Six Siege has changed creative director.

In December 2019, creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexandre Remy stepped down from their roles “to pursue other interests in Ubisoft as well”. It was at that time that Leroy Athanassoff took over the position of creative director.

“This is not a decision I take lightly – I love this game and this community and I’m so proud of everything our team has achieved together over the last two years – but I’m convinced it is and the team has given me their full support, “said Athanassoff about leaving his role as creative director. “Don’t worry, I do not want to go too far, and I have a feeling that my journey with this incredible game is far from over.”

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