Ubisoft employees launch new signature collection seeking public support for improved working conditions

Workers’ Rights Group A better Ubisoft has launched a public signature drive seeking more support from the gaming audience as a whole, as the collective says the publisher has given ’empty promises’ regarding reforms across the company.

Earlier this month, we saw the workers’ rights group, A Better Ubisoft, push for more tangible reforms at the publisher, noting that the company has done nothing but acknowledge the need for change after 2020 bombings revealed several examples of employee dishonesty. the company.

A Better Ubisoft is eager to keep up the momentum and rectify the pressure on the French company, and A Better Ubisoft has now launched a new collection of signatures, open to all supporters of the collective’s cause.

“100 days ago, we signed our open letter and set out our four key requirements,” says A Better Ubisoft in a tweet. “None of our requirements have been met. So today we are launching a new signature collection that ALL our supporters can sign.

“This new signature collection is open to EVERYONE who supports the #ABetterUbisoft campaign. Please add your name, show your support for @ABetterUbisoft on Twitter and share this link. Together we CAN build a better Ubisoft and end abuses in gaming,” concludes the group. .

100 days ago, A Better Ubisoft made four four simple demands on the company, and it regrets that none of its requests for action have seen any response. These include:

  • Stop promoting and moving known offenders from studio to studio, team to team without consequences. This cycle must be completed.
  • We want a common place at the table, to have a meaningful influence on how Ubisoft as a company progresses from here.
  • Cross-industry collaboration, to agree on a set of ground rules and processes that all studies should be able to use to deal with these offenses in the future.
  • This collaboration must to a large extent involve employees in non-management positions and union representatives.

The slow pace of Ubisoft’s reforms is clearly promoting A Better Ubisoft, especially when held up against Activision Blizzard, where meaningful change seems to be happening at a rapid pace (although the eyes of the whole world are on the rival publisher right now).

We encourage anyone who wants to support A Better Ubisoft to sign the signature collection here.

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