Unless plans change, the Kraken will continue as planned – The Athletic

Anyone who has walked through Climate Pledge Arena may have seen the signs. They’re so small you might not notice them at first glance, but there’s something about those gold-framed placards that might make you wonder how you might have missed them.

Those signs, as many as there are, feature a surgical mask with the words “CLIMATE PLEDGE ARENA” underneath. A message in smaller letters on the top half of the mask reads, “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”

Listening to the public address announcement for those walking into the arena may have served a similar purpose. A rich voice greeted fans who passed those speakers and entered the Climate Pledge. It came with the usual preamble, but also with a reminder that the arena is following local and state health guidelines related to COVID-19.

“All ticketed guests over the age of 12 must be vaccinated or must provide proof of a negative test within the past 72 hours,” the voice said.

Reading the placards or hearing the message Saturday might have felt different, because the day itself was just that: different. But the bizarre thing is, for some, everything about the day felt way too familiar. Creepy even. An optional morning skate hadn’t even started when the latest reports of postponed NHL games came out. Then came news that Seattle Kraken’s second game of back-to-back with the Toronto Maple Leafs, scheduled for Sunday, had been postponed because additional Maple Leafs players tested positive for COVID-19.


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