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Hi again everyone. Hope you all had strong fantasy hockey weeks when we turned the calendar over to December this week. This season feels like it has zoomed pretty fast forward so far. The Leafs have really gotten their game up lately as they sit at the top of the standings in the East, while out west the Calgary Flames have been red-hot as they have turned many heads with how they have performed so far.

While Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid continue to wreak havoc on opposing teams’ defenses, this week I’ll give a little love to some of the unsung heroes. In roto leagues, you must make contributions in all categories to field a competitive team worthy of winning the league title. Scoring can come in many forms, but it can be difficult to find players who can chip in with the extra peripheral stats like hits and blocked shots. This week, I want to highlight some great opportunities to help strengthen these crucial peripheral statistics. Let’s see!

Brandon Tanev

2021-22 Statistics: 24 GP, 8 G, 5 A, 13 PTS, 42 shots, 86 hits, 14 blocks, 14:50 ATOI

Tanev has been one of my go-to guys for a few seasons now in fantasy hockey. He is not flashy, he is not fancy, but provides value in several areas. I thought this year he could even break into something a little more since he’s on a young expansion team in Seattle. While he is with an average of his highest ice time in his career (14:50), I thought he might watch closer to 16-17 minutes a match with a little bit of commitment on special teams.

At the moment, he is only on the second penalty-killing unit outside of his normal five-on-five tasks, but despite that, he gets the best out of his time on the ice. He has already buried eight goals this season, which is a nice added bonus. Should he stay healthy, I can not see why he could not end the year with 20 goals and maybe 45 points. In itself, the offense is not enough to give him a place on your list, but he also brings a lot of other things to the table.

Tanev has always been known for being a rude and physical player who is not afraid to get into “the dirty areas”. He has already had 86 hits this season, which is over 3.5 per. match. With most of your fantasy forwards, you’re lucky to get one or maybe thaw. There are not a ton of forwards that provide that kind of hit numbers, and usually those that do are not able to offer you a 45-point upside to start.

Tanev is usually good for about one blocked shot per. match, although this season he has only 14 through his first 24 competitions. While his blocks are a bit down so far, his shot total is actually the highest in his career so far. His 42 shots give him an average of 1.8 in a game, and while it is not groundbreaking in any way, it is acceptable given the hits he gets you. The kraken has so far been a peculiar affair. While I do not think they want a miracle race like the Golden Knights did in their opening season, I think they can be a competitive team every night. Tanev is currently listed in 50 percent of all Yahoo leagues, so there’s a chance you can go out and get him. He could be even more helpful if his deployment improves over the course of the season, so keep an eye out for that.

Mario Ferraro

2021-22 Statistics: 2 G, 8 A, 10 PTS, 20 shots, 51 hits, 70 blocks, 24:15 ATOI

Ferraro is currently in the third year of its entry-level contract with the San Jose Sharks. The 23-year-old Canadian blueliner has found a permanent home along with former Norris Trophy winner Brent Burns. The Sharks are right in the middle of things in a very competitive Pacific Division this season. Ferraro is playing on average over 24 minutes in a match so far this year as the Sharks have shown they have plenty of confidence in the young defenders.

Ferraro is by no means an offensive defender and that’s fine, especially playing on the Sharks with Burns and Erik Karlsson. He has scored 10 points so far this season, but any offense from him should be considered an added bonus. This man is a warrior and has no qualms about sacrificing his body to make a play. Whether it means fearlessly blocking shots or putting the boom down on his opponents, Ferraro is not afraid to get physical.

He has handed out 51 hits so far this season, which is averaging just over two per. match. It’s a great number that should not be overlooked, but the state that really impresses is his blocked shot. He currently leads the league in blocked shots with an astonishing 70. To put it in context, the second-highest player is Brayden McNabb of the Golden Knights with 54. That’s almost three blocks per game. fight, which is absolutely insane.

In my two main fantasy leagues, I am committed to dressing four defenders. I usually try to take two offensive defenders with high upside and two defenders hitting and blocking. Although Ferarro comes with offensive constraints, he definitely holds his own in the defensive peripheral stats. He’s only listed in 27% of all Yahoo leagues, so he’s definitely available. Ferraro alone should be able to strengthen your position in blocks with a few seats if you play him enough. And considering he plays more than 24 minutes a night, I also think those numbers are pretty solid.

Radko Gudas

2021-22 Statistics: 0 G. 5 A, 5 PTS, 38 shots, 104 hits, 39 blocks, 18:34 ATOI

Gudas has already been in the league for 10 seasons. He has a good reputation for being a big powerful d-man who is a pain in the ass for the opposition to play against. He’s ugly and he’s not afraid to get in your face. The 31-year-old Czech defender is a true old-school defender, and although he is not flashy, he gets his job done for sure.

Like Ferraro, Gudas is not on your team to collect points for you. He only has five assists through 23 games this season, so anything you get from him offensively should be considered a good added bonus. With this disclaimer of the road, let’s get into the fun stuff. Gudas has 104 hits in 23 competitions this season. There are over four hits per. match. In a total of 82 games, Gudas would be in the process of getting 370 hits this season. That number hurts just reading it. I think if a player can move the needle on the category in roto alone, you should consider placing that player.

Although Gudas is clearly not a goal scorer, he has surprisingly respectable 38 shots on goal, which is an average of 1.7 shots per game. match. It’s not terrible all things considered. He also averages about 1.5 blocks per game, with 39 in total so far this season, which is above average for that category.

Gudas is effective at what he does and can certainly be helpful to your fantasy hockey team if you have room for him. The midfielder’s defenders are only owned in 54% of all Yahoo leagues, so if you’m lucky he can still join. He does not get any special team deployment beyond the other unit’s penalty kills, but that does not seem to affect his numbers that much. The only real concern is that he’s in his thirties, and at some point, playing the physical hockey brand will take its toll on a player. However, as long as he can stay healthy, I would consider giving him an addition!

Well, that was all for this week guys! There are plenty of unsung heroes in fantasy hockey, so this week I just felt like a great opportunity to highlight a few. You need a little bit of it all to go far in your fantasy league, so don’t turn your nose up at guys who might not be making big goals. Keep an open mind and always keep an eye on these dispensing cords! Until next week, have fun and thank you for reading along!

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