* UPDATED * Rocket League season 5

Rocket League has been an ongoing game ever since its launch half a decade ago. It’s gone head to head with millions of new players and tons of new updates.

Rocket League, which operates on a seasonal basis like many other free-to-play games, will soon see a huge new season reach the game.

Latest – days left in season 4

Season 4 is now probably only a few days to finish. That means season 5 is even closer.

We will update you as soon as we find out the exact date, but still think it should land on or around Thursday, November 11th.

Rocket League season 5 release date

Each season of the Rocket League is about three months long. Although there is no official confirmation of a launch date, we can use this timeline to estimate that season 5 will begin on Thursday, November 11th.

We do not expect to hear anything about season 5 for a while as the Haunted Hallows event is currently running through until after Halloween.

How much does Rocket Pass cost?

If you are interested in earning extra content each season, you can purchase the premium Rocket Pass. There are two options available in each season of the Rocket League

  • Rocket Pass Premium – 1000 Credits (£ / $ 10) – Access to over 70 levels of unique content.
  • Rocket Pass Bundle – 2000 (£ / $ 20) – All premium benefits plus a brand new car, Outlaw and 12 levels unlock automatically.

Unlike other games with a pass system, you can not earn enough currency in the game to buy the next seasons pass. It is only possible to earn 600 credits in each Rocket Pass.

In games like Fortnite and Warzone, you can unlock enough power by completing the battle pass to unlock the next seasons for free. However, games like Rocket League and even Magic: The Gathering Arena have chosen to avoid this trend.

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