US Soccer and Nike Sign Historic Long-Term Agreement to Extend Partnership

The agreement is the largest in American football history; Focuses on growing the sport and inspiring the next generation

CHICAGO (November 10, 2021) – The American Football Federation and Nike have announced a long-term agreement to extend their partnership, which began in 1995. The integrated partnership will be the largest trade deal in American football history and one of Nike’s largest investments in a football federation worldwide.

The new agreement, which expands on what has been one of the most successful and profitable business partnerships in the history of soccer in the United States, aligns with US Soccer’s vision to make soccer the preeminent sport in the country. to make. Together, Nike and US Soccer will focus on growing women’s sports and creating greater access to soccer to ensure it is the most inclusive sport in America.

This is the third corporate agreement signed by US Soccer under the new leadership of President Cindy Parlow Cone, CEO and Secretary General Will Wilson, and Chief Commercial Officer David Wright, and it serves as a prominent foundation for continued growth.

“This strategic partnership is a sign of the importance of soccer in the United States and the value that both Nike and US Soccer have for each other,” said Parlow Cone. “Nike has been a long-standing positive partner for US Soccer and has been instrumental in the Federation’s growth by supporting many of our players over the years. Continuing this partnership at such a high level and continuing to pursue essential goals that we both have and access to resources that will help all parts of the Federation are things that make us feel extremely positive about the future of football in the United States. .”

In addition to several priorities, the renewal of the long-term agreement is based on four key pillars designed to grow the sport exponentially and drive social positive change. The four areas include: 1) Boosting Inclusion – removing barriers to entry and having a large-scale impact on the grassroots ecosystem; 2) Better Planet – Showcase sustainability efforts that contribute to impactful change; and 3) Global Impact – Raise the profile of women’s football domestically and around the world; and 4) Sport of the Future – Increase cultural relevance through content, art and lifestyle.

“Nike looks forward to building on our more than 25-year history with US Soccer to shape the future of sports at all levels,” said Becca Kerr, Vice President and GM of North America Women’s. “We want more boys – especially girls – to fall in love with sports because they have positive experiences with football. Growing the sport starts with investing in inclusion.”

Performance is also an important part of the new agreement, as US Soccer will continue to leverage Nike’s leadership in performance and innovation to drive the peak performance of athletes on national teams. The agreement will focus on all programs of the U.S. national soccer team, including the men’s and women’s national teams, all youth teams, and extended national teams (para, futsal and beach).

The long-term extension means that Nike and US Soccer will continue to work together during several of the world’s biggest soccer events to come.

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