Valve Steam Deck seeks to hit current ship dates

In what feels like a rare positive update regarding supply in the technology sector, Valve has announced that their delivery estimates for Steam Deck are currently on track. The update, which was announced on the Steam Community page, provides the good news that the first batch of handheld PCs will be shipping in late February.

Eventually, we are all well versed in supply chain issues, challenges of working remotely during the pandemic, and chip shortages, some of which delayed Steam Deck once from its original launch window. Valve says that will not be the case again, at least for the first batch of units, saying, “it looks like we’ll be able to start getting these out the door by the end of February.” If you happen to have a pre-order down on a deck, you can check your personal delivery date on the Steam Deck store page here.

The work of identifying which games will work best on Steam Deck is also well underway. The blog post says: “In parallel, the work and testing of the Steam Deck Verified program has been underway. You will soon be able to see the Deck Verified status of a growing set of Steam games. We check four main categories: input, seamlessness, screen and system support. ” Knowing which games work on your shiny new hardware will be invaluable, especially for early users testing the limits of their Steam library, so it’s nice to see that this filtering feature is not an afterthought after launch.

If you’re curious about what Steam Deck is, then we’ve got you covered! Check out this quick overview of the specifications announced for Valve’s upcoming portable device.

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