Video: Square Enix shares first triangular strategy ‘Character & Story’ trailer

Triangular strategy
Photo: Square Enix

A game we’re been keeping an eye on for some time now is Square Enix’s upcoming turn-based tactical RPG, Triangular strategy. It will be released sometime in 2022, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Although we’ve already seen some of it – and even played an early demo of the game, Square Enix has now released its first “character & story” trailer focusing on Roland Glenbrook. Although it is in Japanese, it gives a new look at a number of fresh screenshots from the game and even some combat sequences.

As documented on the unofficial Triangle Strategy wiki page, Roland is the son of King Regna of Glenbrook Kingdom. If you played the demo, you may have noticed the following about the character:

“Through the demo of Triangle Strategy, Roland behaves quite honorably, if not a little blindly. He carries a deep vendetta against Avlora and King Gustadolph for the usurpal of his kingdom, and would fight with them on every occasion. Finally, Roland has a selfless side, as shown by the fact that he offered to give himself to the Grand Duchy in exchange for the security of Wolffort Demesnes. “

When Triangle Strategy is finally released, it promises to offer around 50 hours of gameplay and more completions. It also has amazingly unique HD-2D graphics and was developed by the team behind Octopath Traveler, why it probably looks familiar.

Square Enix also shared a localized summary trailer last month. Here it is, if you did not catch it:

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