Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast S4E5: On The Brink with Joe Oberle and Mark Craig

Joe Oberle and Mark Craig talk about Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings lost at home to Kevin Stefanski and the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and the VT Breakdown podcasters are here to dissect the festering corpse. The Vikings may not have finished at nearly a quarter from pole of the 2021 season yet, but it sure smells like (you know, that festering corpse thing), but Joe Oberle and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune are on hand to tell us. simply. where they are and where they should go.

These are some of the topics we discuss; let us know what you think.

What went wrong

the offensive line: Kirk Cousins ​​had no time all day. Is it time to take Darisaw there and see what he can do?

Cousins with his first selection of the year, but that was not his worst pass. He felt pressure again and missed wide receivers and checking down. This will never change when under pressure.

Vikings running defense it was not very good. Pierce was injured but they supposedly have depth there. I know the Browns are a good running team, but aren’t the Vikings supposed to be better at defending it, especially at home?

Go for it in 4th downs A good decision on offense for the Vikings and on defense: Griff sacked the Browns. Was it the right decision for Stefanski?

But then maybe Zim got greedy and failed in 4th and six and turned the game’s momentum. Was that the correct decision? What was he trying to do against such a good defense?

For him Brown, your defense is real. Is Baker Mayfield preventing them from taking the next step or was it just a bad game?

35 to 25 in TOP It looked like Stefanski was beating Zimmer with ball control and the defense’s tough game plan. Cleveland has some horses that the Vikings don’t have because of that, right? OC brown The Joe Woods scheme basically beat the Vikings offense?

The Vikings got a good game out of their special teams, but that’s not a bright spot that will win you a lot of games. Except, maybe, for that fourth wait time.

Calls for Zimmer head they are getting stronger. Where are we on that front? Is it a thing or is it safe until further implosion?

Segment two: Vikes versus lions

Before we look at the Lions, we take a closer look at the Browns, specifically their head coach Kevin Stefanski. Mark wrote a comprehensive article on the subject for Sunday morning and had a great reaction. Some things to consider:

What surprised you in your report?

You talked to Norv Turner and he didn’t want to talk about the divorce. Any light you can shed there?

Kevin praised working with Zim. Was he genuine or was he just being politically correct?

Zim has had his share of coordinators in Minnesota (also Cousins). How has that affected the offense and this team?

Is it difficult to please Zim?

Were we starting to think that Kubiak was the real deal? Does that change? So how soon before you go?

To the lions

Freshman and freshman head coach with a new QB in Jared Goff. What do you see of the Lions so far?

The Bears cleaned up the Lions’ watch. So they have a long way to go, but that doesn’t mean much against these Vikings, does it?

Lions are essential. The Vikings opened with 8.5 favorites. If the Vikings win, so what? But if they lose, is it the beginning of the end of the regime?

Segment 3: Within the NFL

Packers get the Vikes’ separation with a victory over the Steelers. It already seems difficult for the Minnesota Vikings to come back. WC is probably out of the question.

– Leslie Frazier’s Bills defense has thrown two shutouts in the first four games of the season. Be aware!

–Mighty LA is attacked by the Cards ?? !!!!

–Belichick and Brady

–The tips are o-4. Urban Meyer has already figured out how to build a team, it sucks for a few years. Cleveland did it, right? Should we wish the Vikes did?

Tune in to the full podcast. Thanks for the support.

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