Warriors’ Jonathan Kuminga Shows He Could Be Ready For Prime Time Earlier Than Expected

CHICAGO — Jonathan Kuminga doesn’t move around the field like a 19-year-old trying to make his way in the NBA.

He slipped to the basket Friday night as if he were taking a stroll down Michigan Avenue. On one play, he jumped quickly and effortlessly hit Bulls guard Devon Dotson’s shot. Then, to accentuate his big night, Kuminga rose above the rim — way above the rim — and threw a mind-boggling dunk at the house Michael Jordan was building.

“He’s explosive and has a knack for getting on the floor wherever he wants,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said of his young teammate. “When he’s decisive, he’s tough. Not many guys can stay in front of him and he finds different ways to finish.”

Kuminga’s bubbly potential, rawness and teenage status—he won’t be turning 20 until October 6—turn most conversations about him into musings about the future. Imagine what he could be in five years. The Warriors capitalize on this story by cleverly prioritizing his development, limiting his minutes, and occasionally sending him to their G League branch in Santa Cruz.

But the way Kuminga played in Friday night’s 138-96 loss in Chicago could send the discussion into the present. Maybe the Warriors need him now.

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