[WATCH] Ana de Armas calls Jar Jar Binks a murderer

Where is Michael Myers from? Halloween, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, and Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars have in common? “They are, they are murderers,” Ana de Armas told Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show. “They’re like bad people – these are bad people.” The No time to die actress described the three characters as part of Fallon’s recurring “Box of Lies” segment. Upon opening the mystery box to see the figures sitting in a pumpkin bubble bath, De Armas confessed that she really didn’t know who these people were. After the reveal, she pointed specifically to Jar Jar and said, “I don’t know what that is. Looks like a shrimp to me.” Jar Jar just can’t take a break. Nor could the Armas, who went 0 for 3 in the game. She fell for Fallon’s lie that his box contained a tribute to her Blades off co-star Chris Evans’ sweater, and failed to convince the late night host that her next box contained a turtle living in a hamburger shell. At least the Armas was the one playing and not them Blades off character Martha. We know it’s not pretty when she lies.

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