Watch Jonathan Taylor Slim Down After Breakup Week

(Photo by Joshua Bessex / Getty Images)

Jonathan Taylor has been inserted into the conversation about the NFL’s Most Valuable Player after a great game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

He had five total touchdowns when the Indianapolis Colts passed over the Bills.

Weekly honors followed and Taylor even received a special award from Nickelodeon.

That would be the highly desired “NVP” of the week.

And Taylor not only got a good trophy, but also celebrated in true Nickelodeon style.

Taylor got thin, capped off a fantastic week in a way that would make any 90s kid proud.

A worthy celebration

For those who don’t know, green slime was a staple at Nickelodeon when Taylor and others her age were growing up.

Celebrities were fooled at the network’s annual awards show and there was even an entire game show dedicated to being muddy.

Bringing up Slime Time Live makes the nostalgia flow really fast.

Taylor is 22 years old and may even be too young to remember the heyday of the slime age at Nickelodeon.

However, he is young enough to appreciate this NVP award after his big week.

So why is this award a thing in the first place?

Well the NFL wants to target younger fans and last season it even featured a playoff game with a Nickelodeon broadcast.

Some of the comments and graphics were a bit ridiculous for adults, but they looked fun for kids, maybe just getting into football.

Young fans entering the game can certainly cheer on Taylor now that he appears to be the best running back in the league in 2021.

He leads the league in rushing and is the only running back to currently exceed 1,000 yards for the year.

That has him vying for not just NVP honors, but the NFL MVP award in what remains an open race.

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