Watch Keanu Reeves explain the ‘Sad Keanu’ meme

Keanu Reeves explains the circumstances surrounding the infamous ‘Sad Keanu’ meme, which was recently featured in his BRZRKR comic series.

Keanu Reeves doesn’t know why so many memes have sprung up in his likeness, but he wants the public to know that on the fateful day the “Sad Keanu” meme was born, he was actually just sitting on a couch and eating a sandwich. .

“I’m just eating a sandwich, man!” Reeves continued The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when asked if he had really been sad when the infamous photo was taken. ‘I was thinking. I had some things going on. I was hungry.’

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The original photo, taken by Splash News photographer Ron Asadorian in 2010, went viral on the internet, as commentators regularly pointed to Reeves’ seemingly lost expression. Speaking to host Stephen Colbert, Reeves pointed out that he had no idea why he was so “meme-able”. “I have no idea, sir,” he said. “Actually.”

The meme “Sad Keanu” even made its way into one of the actor’s recent projects in the comic world: the series BRZRKR, which Reeves co-created with writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney for BOOM! studios. The very first song opens with the immortal protagonist, known only as Berzerker, sitting in the rain on a bench, amusingly as Reeves himself.

“So Ron Garney is the great artist who illustrates and draws BRZRKR‘ Reeves explained to Colbert. “I didn’t know he would. But that’s what he did, so I think it’s kind of a meta.”

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Reeves went on to explain that the Berzerker, who is drawn in his likeness, is participating in a black ops program for the United States government, but is more intent on discovering the meaning behind his existence, as well as a way to to end his immortality. This is reflected in his melancholy mood in the opening scene of the comic – a mood ironically reflected in the viral picture “Sad Keanu”. “So the artist, I think, took that meme… and put it in the comic book,” Reeves said. “So that’s life and art.”

Aside from discussing his own comic book project, Reeves also told Colbert that he’d love the chance to play John Constantine again, adding that he’d been pushing to get back into the role for quite some time. Reeves played a DC supernatural expert in a 2005 film that explored various parts of the… hellblazer mythos — including making Constantine American instead of British.

Reeves is currently playing in The Matrix Resurrections, which will hit theaters on December 22.

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