West Seattle Blog… | BOOKS: Hat lovers, West Seattle author Mark Elliott has something for you

Do you love hats? Or do you have someone on your gift list who does? author of West Seattle Mark Elliott has just published”The Brim and the Crown: A Field Guide to Custom Hatters and Hatters in the US and Abroad.” Here’s what he tells us about it:

Amazon released the 144-page ($18.95) softcover last week.

* The book divides the US into six regions (36 states), each with profiles, websites, and online ordering information for the best tailor-made milliners for classic fedoras or cowboy hats.
* An entire chapter on tailor-made milliners in 19 countries.
* A separate chapter where you can order a custom hat of your favorite film noir or western movie hero.
* Another chapter describing women’s hat companies in the US.
* How and where to buy 1930s newsboy caps, Ecuadorian Panamas, top hats, Indiana Jones fedoras, Godfather homburgs, Amish flat hats and coonskin and Civil War caps, etc.

This book is for someone who likes hats. One who does not leave the house with no weather or no weather; who follows the seasons for felt and straw; who can tell you their hat size in inches and centimeters; and who knows how to crease a hat and wear it with confidence.

Mark adds: “I’ve been researching, interviewing and writing for most of this year. It’s the first time all this information has been collected and published.”

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