What Bob Huggins said after the UAB win

West Virginia went to Birmingham, took on a Top 30 team in the NET rankings and walked out on Saturday night with a hard-fought win over UAB. After the game, WVU Head Coach Bob Huggins began his post-game radio stint by praising the Blazers’ work.

“They were really prepared,” Huggins said. “[UAB coach] Andy [Kennedy] did a great job preparing them. They took us out of a lot of things we wanted to do.”

What UAB did to start the game was shut down Taz Sherman. The Mountaineers’ top scorer had five turnovers, going 0-for-4 from the field with nil for the first eighteen minutes of the game. He came out of the second half by knocking down his first two shots, had four more points in an important piece when WVU went down in double digits, then hit a massive three when it was a one-point play.

“He has the green light for the rest of the year,” Huggins said. “I was a little bit on him at halftime because I thought he was handing over the credit, so to speak.”

One of the reasons Sherman struggled a bit is fatigue. Not only did UAB play a fantastic defense, but Huggins admitted that Sherman needs a little more rest.

“We’ve played it for too long and too long,” Huggins said. “We went in today and hoped we could get him out and get some of those other guys in. We got to get Seth. [Wilson] in. He’s another man who can make shots for us.”

Sherman eventually made it through, and so did the rest of the Mountaineers. The team turned it around too much. They missed too many free throws. They messed up a lot. And yet they won.

“We won a bunch that we probably shouldn’t have won,” said Huggins. “They smear it and take it out. We’ve made plays.”


About UAB getting some offensive rebounds: We’re not a very good rebounding team. We’re trying to give some offense. You do some offense and you can’t bounce the ball back. We ended up playing two bigs. We’d better bounce it back with two bigs. Pauly did a great job for us. We have to keep him and Gabe out of trouble somehow.

on Kedrian Johnson hitting some important free throws: Kedrian has been to the gym. There is a direct correlation for those who are in the gym and those who are not. He wants to be a good player. He wants to win.

In defense of Kedrian Johnson: He’s just as good at defending the ball as anyone in the country. He’s really good. Their man is good, but Keddy is with him. …. he is huge to us.

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