What is the fastest way to earn JP in GTA Online?

Since GTA Online has a large number of players, the game will obviously include a wide range of activities. Job Points (JP) are awarded for completing some of these missions or activities.

GTA Online is known to be quite a rewarding experience for its players because the game is constantly being updated with new content and material. However, the amount of content accessible in the game can overwhelm new players. Job Points are one of the darkest elements of the game that few seem to understand.

This article explores how players can earn JP quickly in GTA Online.

GTA Online: the fastest method to acquire Job Points

Every time a mission is completed in GTA Online, players will earn 15 work points for it. They will earn an extra point if they complete the main objective during this mission. The individual with the most JP at the end of a playlist is considered the winner.

At the end of races and deathmatches, work points are rewarded as follows:

  • 15 JP for first place
  • 12 JP for second place
  • JP 10 for third place
  • 8 JP for fourth place
  • 7 JP for fifth place, and so on.

During a session, earning these Job Points can take a lot of time and effort, but they wear out quickly. In GTA Online, leaving or changing game sessions resets the player’s JP to 0. The key to getting the most JP is to participate in as many activities as possible while still delivering the best performance.

Work points also indicate the amount of time a player has spent in a session. Completing a large number of missions or activities will result in many more JPs for players.

Your overall JP throughout the session will be affected by your racing and deathmatch performance. GTA Online players are more inclined to choose partners with a higher JP, as it is commonly used as a metric of success.

Those with more job points will generally have more influence in the lobby. If there is a tie in the job options menu, the cumulative JP of the players will be counted. As a result, the option chosen by the players with the most JP will be chosen.

Instead of spending $ 1 million, players who have accumulated 250 Job Points can redeem those points for a VIP registration. This can be a great way to save money on the game, as work points are always lost when players leave a session.


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