What QB Deacon Hill Did to Show the Wisconsin Football Defense Potential | college football

avyonne jones.jpg

Avyonne Jones picks a pass for Southlake Carroll.

Who are they: CB A’Khoury Lyde (Wayne, New Jersey), CB Avyonne Jones (Southlake, Texas), S Austin Brown (Johnston City, Illinois), S Deven Magli (DeForest, Wisconsin), S Jackson Trudgeon (Madison)

Quick analysis: Both Lyde and Jones show good reach and impressive height as cornerbacks, a position UW needs some fresh faces to climb up next season. Lyde missed most of the season with a knee injury, but Jones has shown good instincts on jump routes. UW added some variety to its safety group with the 2022 class prospects. Accepting a scholarship offer, Brown is a physical, downhill player who can be a force in the run game while playing with balls in the air. Magli and Trudgeon are walk-ons, but Magli withdrew from a North Dakota college scholarship to play at UW. They both show the game-making ability on balls in the air that Leonhard appreciates.

Hank Poteat’s thoughts on Lyde and Jones: “Avyonne Jones, he’s very explosive. When I see him attack the ball in the air, he does it very well. …Does a lot for his team, comes from a really good program, and the way they prepare them for this level, I thought they did a good job. When you talk to him about the ball, he really understands the game and he’s done a lot for them in terms of getting the front set and a lot of communication in the back. … A’Khoury Lyde, liked him because he played multiple things, played on the attacking side of the ball. That passed on to the defense, those offensive skills, to be able to play, ball skills and really change the game. Those are the kind of athletes you want to play in the cornerback position, with ball skills. … He has that mentality that I always talk about, being a dog and being aggressive, he does that.”


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