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While Manchester United are making efforts to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it is worth remembering that this club has not made a successful board appointment since November 1986. still unknown Alex Ferguson. But unless Ed Woodward has found a way to bend the spacetime continuum, that’s not an option for United. It is an option for us. Because we have Football Manager 2022, a copy of Ferguson’s autobiography and the complete set of Rothmans Football Yearbooks…

So what kind of manager was Alex Ferguson in 1986? He was, as is well known, a disciplinarian. When Aberdeen won the Scottish Cup in 1983, just 10 days after beating Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners’ Cup, he publicly berated his players, calling them “the happiest team in the world”.

He was never considered a particularly gifted coach, but he was an expert at managing people – or at least managing the people who would thrive under his leadership. Some players were alienated or crushed by his ferocity, but we know he was pivotal in the development of many more. All of this is reflected here in his managerial attributes, although we’ll admit we may not have got his eyebrows quite right.

In his 1999 autobiography Managing My Life, Ferguson points out that there was little money to spend when he arrived. “Martin (Edwards) said he could raise a little if we were desperate,” he wrote, so it only seems fair to start the season without a transfer window and see where we stand in January. It is unfortunately impossible to restore United’s low position in November 1986, but we did the best we could by skipping the pre-season.

So how bad was it when Ferguson arrived in 1986? Pretty bad.

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