What’s going on with Naomi on SmackDown?

Naomi appeared in Friday night of SmackDown again this week, this time pressing Sonya Deville against a wall and making it clear that she’s not too happy to be screwed. She wants to fight, expects a fight, and is getting hot and pissed off at the lack of respect from one of the authority figures on the show.

It was a little clip of a minute behind the scenes, but it’s hard to feel too good about it, all things considered. After all, Michael Cole announced during the next match that Naomi was fined by WWE for her behavior here and for “keeping an eye on WWE social media for more” and, at least as of this writing in the hours after the program, there has been nothing. on any WWE social account about any type of fine.

There is nothing on WWE.com either.

There is something here, but what exactly it is remains to be seen. It seems entirely possible that they are cooking something interesting, but in the same way that it is possible, they are simply putting Naomi aside in a creative way. Hopefully it is the former, because they have already done too much of the latter throughout their history with the company.

Here are all the videos of Slap this week:

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  • Naomi supports WWE official Sonya Deville against a wall
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  • Sami Zayn Says Rey Mysterio Should Stay Away
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  • King Nakamura is livid after suffering a sneak attack
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