WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook servers down worldwide

Please contact us if you are one of those reading this message and had to turn your WiFi connections on and off, thinking you had a bad internet connection. Well, we at Read Scoops thought the same thing until we realized that most other websites are working fine and we found out that there is a major server outage around the world. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Millions of users around the world flocked to other social media channels like Snapchat and Twitter, mainly the latter, where you get updates like this in a moment of rapid enlightenment. Since they are all owned by the same Facebook brand, the brands owned by Mark Zuckerberg run on the same server, and if one fails, they all go down.

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Of course, they have teams of hundreds and thousands working to get a solution in minutes, but a few seconds is enough for those who run business on these platforms. Every second is money and being away for a couple of minutes could cause billions of dollars worth of losses. Having said that, it is not the first time these servers have failed and it is safe to say that it may not be the last time either.

For those who don’t have businesses to worry about, they set about creating memes and trolls on the social media platforms that have this huge disruption all over the world. The issues were first reported a little before 4pm GMT (roughly 9:30 pm IST) as they all use shared infrastructure. Other apps in the same family, such as Facebook Workplace and Messenger, also faced major problems.

While WhatsApp couldn’t send messages quickly and was delaying text messages with a long delay, the other apps just directly showed a server error. Now let us tell you that such outages are a major problem because they are losing trustworthy customers who will go to other social media platforms. Then it will take months for them to regain the trust of these users!

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