Where do jobs rank for the Bears, Vikings, Raiders and Jaguars?

Every year around this time, I review the various head-coaching opportunities that may open up at the end of the NFL season. Sometimes these jobs remain occupied. Other times, different jobs show up unexpectedly. Usually, though, we can drive through somewhere around seven to eight openings or expected openings in late December.

That is not the case this year. The Jaguars job is vacant after Urban Meyer was released earlier this month, and the Raiders have a temporary coach after parting ways with Jon Gruden, but there are not many other places that have as clear and obvious options . I was able to reach seven, but even that was a bit of a stretch, with a few likely leaning towards a return from their existing coach. It is possible that we only see two or three new head coaches out of season.

Let us review openings and rank them according to their desirability for a coach with options. Last year’s top pick was Chargers, who had almost everything an upcoming coach could wish for: a desirable place for both players and coaches, relatively patient ownership, a talented roster and a franchise quarterback on a rookie deal with Justin Herbert. Choosing the number 1 job this year was far more difficult.

It’s easier to start with the job that is least desirable on the way into 2022, though a recent winning streak may make it harder for this team to advance from its freshman year:


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