Where to watch the Elden Ring gameplay stream

I hope you guys have packed your marshmallows folks as From Software and Bandai Namco have given the green light to a 15-minute Elden Ring gameplay stream that is expected to go live at. 14.00 GMT / 7.00 PDT. Personally, I feel alive, and a little dull. What is being shown? Swords, dragons, pots-there-are-boys, who knows. However, if you’re as excited as I am, you can bookmark the stream below.

The stream takes place on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel, and they will also stream it on Twitch.

The last thing we heard about the Fire Ring was mixed news. Bandai Namco delayed its launch by a month, and some potato-quality gameplay clip leaked at the same time. Otherwise, we have fed on crumbs of information from interviews and short trailers, the last of which landed four months ago.

So what do I hope to see from this Elden Ring gameplay bonanza? Honestly, I’m easy to please. If it’s a spotty guy walking slowly through some swaying grass for 15 minutes, that’s fine with me. A look at how mounted combat works would be nice, or even the day / night cycle, and how it affects exploration. A chinwag with a pot boy would be phenomenal.

In fact, I really hope that if we see any NPC talk that they laugh in despair after every sentence. This is something that is crucial to me in a Souls game. A slow “ha ha ha” confirms many things, such as the sadness of these worlds and those who are stuck in it. But most importantly, they lighten the mood a bit. They are a nod to the comic value of each game, with their annoying enemy placement that you can not help but sneeze at, or invasions from other players that often fall into sheer stupidity.

Update: It delivered.

At least it’s not long before we hopefully find out if one or more NPCs are laughing in the Fire Ring. And if they do not show any NPCs at all, the ‘closed network test’ that Bamco is running this month may provide answers. Even though it’s only on Xboxes and PlayStations, * shakes his fist *.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the Elden Ring gameplay footage as they fall. I am ready and willing to respond with frightening levels of well-being.

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