Which FSU footballers received a red shirt in 2021?

Florida State Seminoles football released its updated roster Friday, featuring new faces and new numbers for the 2022 season.

Another piece of information, while not exactly groundbreaking, was understanding which players got a red shirt after the 2021 season.

It was a non-issue after the 2020 year as every player in the country was eligible for an extra year regardless of the previous years enrolled.

According to the updated roster, the following players received red shirts”

  • Defensive back Hunter Washington
  • Defensive back Shyheim Brown
  • Defensive Lineman Joshua Farmer
  • Defensive lineman Byron Turner Jr.
  • Defensive Lineman Patrick Payton
  • Defensive Lineman Shambre Jackson
  • Offensive lineman Rod Orr
  • Offensive lineman Bryson Estes
  • Wide receiver Joshua Burrell

Among the players to receive a red shirt were Shyheim Brown (3 games, 3 tackles), Hunter Washington (1 game), Joshua Farmer (4 games, 1 assist tackle), Patrick Payton (1 game), Bryson Estes (1 game) and Joshua Burrell (2 games) saw action in games.+

As for the freshmen who saw action in more than four games that made them ineligible for a red shirt:

  • Wide receiver Malik McClain
  • Defensive defender Omarion Cooper
  • Defensive Defender Kevin Knowles II
  • Tight end Jackson West

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