Which Tkachuk brother should St. Louis Blues target first

St. Louis Blues fans have longed for the team to acquire Matthew Tkachuk and Brady Tkachuk, but which of the brothers should they look at first?

It was not long after Matthew Tkachuk and Brady Tkachuk joined the league that St. Louis Blues fans wanted the team to acquire them. Still, the timing of a potential trade became more complicated for one player and easier for the other.

Last offseason, Brady was the more straightforward player for the Blues to acquire. The Calgary Flames were on the back end of a bad COVID season, but are not that far from being the top seed in the Western Conference.

The Senators, meanwhile, have not been competitive for a few years, and although they had a promising farm system, they could have gotten a big return for Brady if they decided to move on from him before signing him to a major contract.

Unfortunately for Blues fans, Ottowa not only signed Brady for the next seven years, but they also named him team captain.

Brady’s captain makes it incredibly difficult for St. Louis to acquire him. However, the contract should not bother the Blues, as he has a ceiling of $ 8.2 million during his contract.

What is changing here is the senator’s plan to make him the backbone of their franchise for the next 10 years, and for good reason.

Since breaking into the league in 2018, Brady has been a prolific player and has become a very versatile player. He has two seasons with 20 goals under his belt in three years and has recently adopted the ability to be a physical presence on the net front and a bit of a pest on the ice.

The Blues (or any NHL team) would jump at the chance to acquire a player who can score 25 goals a year and stand in front of the net in powerplay. Brady is a Pat Maroon-type player, except if Maroon could score 25 goals a year.

Matthew, meanwhile, should be the target for the Blues now. He earns $ 7 million this year and is an RFA after the season ends. But like his brother Brady, he will command a massive contract.

Matthew is much more of a creative offensive threat than Brady, and his numbers show it. In 377 NHL games over six seasons, he has scored 122 goals, 179 assists and 301 points.

He plays on pretty much every team’s top line in the NHL. The potential of a trade for Matthew becomes even more exciting due to the team’s rank in the Pacific Division.

Despite a red-hot start to the season, Calgary has 36 points and is in fourth place in the Pacific. Calgary, however, seem to be in limbo with the way their list is structured, they could go for it and try to be one of the best teams in the West, or they could sell assets and get a significant return for some marquee- players.

For Blues fans, you should hope for the latter, but St. Louis has some options if they want to acquire him over the next few years.

As an post-season RFA, the Blues could try to clear some cap space to offer sheet Matthew to the extent that the Flames would consider letting him go. As a St. Louisan, Matthew could wait it out and sign with St. Louis. Louis in free agency.

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The Blues should not be worried about any no-move clause in their contracts, but if they were to pick a player to target first, they would have to go after Matthew before his brother Brady.

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