Wild cards and divisional series: this is how the 2021 postseason will play out in MLB

October, surprise us! The 2021 postseason in the MLB was defined by impressive crosses and the great figures of the diamond.

Mad! He finished another MLB regular season to start a postseason that promises to be spectacular. With everything being played in the last moments, draws and the definition of divisional titles in extra games were avoided.

The Dodgers will be able to continue defending their title, but the mission will not be easy starting from the wild card. Big upsets like those of the Giants and Rays look solid heading into the end of the year, which will have the World Series starting October 26.

National League and West title

The NL East and Central Division met their champions with much anticipation: Braves and Brewers. However, in the West, we saw something unusual. The Dodgers and Giants contested the division title until the last moment, and it is the first time in history that a team has exceeded 105 victories and failed to achieve that achievement.

San Francisco closed the regular season with 107 wins, a figure never before reached in history. The Dodgers also beat Milwaukee for their part, but it was no longer enough to win the title.

As a result, Braves and Brewers will meet soon in the divisional series, and the Giants are hoping for a rival for the MLB postseason. The national wild card will be played between the Cardinals and Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 6 at 7:10 p.m.

The vigorous American League heading into the postseason

Although the division champions were defined several days ago, the interesting thing in the American League was the fight for the wild card. Rays, White Sox and Astros secured their participation in the MLB postseason as leaders of the East, Center and West respectively… but what about the others?

The Mariners, Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays kept hope alive until the last minute, even against all odds. In the end, New York and Boston found a way forward and will present us with a true classic in the wild card game on Tuesday, October 5 at 7:08 pm.

The divisional series that has already been defined will be between the White Sox and the Astros; For its part, Tampa Bay will await the winner of the wild card.

All the results of # Game162 in the MLB

Yankees 1-0 Rays

Pirates 3-6 Reds

Indian Rangers 0-6

Nationals 5-7 Red Sox

Giants 11-4 parents

Tiles 12-4 Orioles

Diamondbacks 5-4 Rockies

White Sox 2-5 Tigers

Mariners 3-7 Angels

Dodgers 10-3 Brewers

Marlins 5-4 Phillies

Royals 3-7 Cufflinks

Astros 7-6 Athletics

Cardinals 2-3 Cubs

Braves 5-0 Mets

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