Will Smith’s post-breakup ‘spiritual journey’ apparently included a lot of psychedelics

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Will Smith seems to continue in his unspoken commitment with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith to share literally every detail of their personal— at least based on the fragments I’ve seen from Smith’s new memoirs, Shall. Not just Will’s new book going into the specifics of his 2011 separation from Jada and, naturally, their sex life, but it also contains the story of time Wiwill i take 14 times ayahuasca.

This psychedelic period took place after the aforementioned split of Jada when Will was looking for a shaman who could provide him with ayahuasca and help guide him through his travels. One hour after drinking the psychoactive tea for the first timeWill . wrote “I floated deep in space…I was trillions of light years away from the earth.”

On his maiden voyage – the first of 14, in case you forgot –will apparently felt an ‘invisible woman’ behind him whom he called ‘mother’.She has apparently also visited him on 8 of his other trips.

Want on ayahuasca also had a very important revelation about his beauty:

“When I’m this beautiful I don’t need #1 movies to feel good about myself. When I’m this beautiful I don’t need hit records to be worthy of love. When I’m this beautiful I have Jada or I don’t need anyone else to validate me.”

In other words, Will Smith’s thoughts on psychedelics aren’t really that different from anyone else’s thoughts on psychedelics… or so I’m told.

An important piece of context that is missing from this story is the length of the time over which Will took ayahuasca 14 times—because if those journeys all took place in the same month this is a all different story than when they have more than one six months period.

Shall also reportedly includes another anecdote of the “spiritual journey” Will continued after he and Jada broke up for a period in 2011. He met Michaela Bohm, a consultant specialized in tantric sexuality, and had the revelation that what would make him happy was ‘a harem’.

Well now. There it is.

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