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WWE’s Corey Graves calls for his own cancellation


The cancellation culture has finally gotten so out of hand that people are canceling themselves. AAIIIIEEE !! WWE personality Corey Graves, who has the haircut of a Dr. Seuss character, took to Twitter on Tuesday to demand his own cancellation, even starting a hashtag. Graves’ movement began after he received backlash for suggesting that all the world’s problems could be forgotten if people just put down their phones and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize WWE Friday Night Smackdown viewers’ eardrums with their “comment”

According to the Internet, the world is on fire “, Graves tweeted, apparently spontaneous. “But oddly, when I put the phone down, the sun is shining. The air is cool. And most of the people are still friendly. Maybe we’re just prioritizing incorrectly?”

Graves was immediately evaluated for the tweet and began responding to responses. For those who said “ignorance is a blessing”, Graves answered, “Don’t you have access to sunlight or the outdoors?” To another who pointed out that perhaps Graves has the luxury of being able to ignore certain issues where others don’t, Graves answered, “I see that point. But nothing I mentioned is the result of money. Sunlight, air, and conversation cost nothing. I’m just saying that if maybe we spent a little more time enjoying tangible reality, I don’t know. I’d stress so much about things we can’t control. “

When someone else pointed out that people are dying, Graves answered, “Yes, they are. And it’s unfortunate. My grandfather died this weekend. So, I guess I should spend my free time blaming others, instead of taking a minute to appreciate and enjoy life before it happens. finish “.

It was at that point that even Corey Graves realized that Corey Graves had gone too far. “Here, I’ll do it for you …” tweeted. “#CancelCoreyGraves”

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