Xavier Woods is injured and will miss the Royal Rumble

While hosting on G4TV, King Xavier Woods revealed that he is injured and will be out of action for a while.

He said he tore a muscle in his leg while jumping off the ropes:

“So I tore my plantaris… it’s the muscle under your calf.”

“I was jumping in the ring to do a DDT…just jumping off the rope…so four to six weeks and I’ll be fine.”

That timeline for his recovery means he will miss Royal Rumble 2022, which is scheduled for Saturday, January 29.

The Slap The roster is in pretty bad shape right now with recent injuries to Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks and now Woods. On top of that, WWE released Jeff Hardy and Toni Storm last month.

WWE released over 80 wrestlers in 2021 and has done a poor job of creating new stars to challenge top champions. So all it takes is a few injuries to a few key fighters, and the whole thing falls apart. That’s the state of the Slap list right now. Seth Rollins comes from Raw to fill in as Roman Reigns’ opponent in the royal rumble, and more reinforcements may be needed to get Slap through this stretch.

Pete Dunne and Tommaso Ciampa have been working some dark main roster matches lately, so maybe it’s time for WWE to give them a shot.

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