Yes, Draymond Green applauds refs and praises ‘pure basketball’

Draymond Green, one of the frontrunners in technical foul play for berating officials over the previous seven seasons, suddenly compliments NBA umpires.

In a post-game interview this week, the vociferous Warriors power-forward said, “Can I say how satisfying it has been to watch the basketball game without all those bulls calls? … Guys cheated and caught guys and got the foul.”

Green referred to the NBA’s instruction for umpires this season not to make mistakes for unnatural or non-basketball moves, such as an attacking player leaning against a defender, stopping a defender following him or jumping into contact.

Mike McCutchen, the league’s vice president of referee development and training, said on a conference call this week that he’s happy with the early effects of the new mandate, but officials are still committed to what the league calls “freedom of movement.” .

“I think this game turned into: who can make the most mistakes?” said Green, who was called for 128 technical fouls in the previous seven seasons and led the league in 2018-19 and 2015-16. “Nobody wants to see that, and you certainly don’t want to play in a game like that. You can definitely feel a difference there.

“It’s just more pure basketball. That’s good for our game.”

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